Umber Oil Burner

Look at this little oil burner! We claim that you never see a design like this. It has a unique character. It is a perfect idea for a housewarming gift, wedding, birthday gift, or even office gift. It consists of two pieces, the bottom one for tea light or another small candle, and the top one for water, and essential oil mix or wax melts. The top part is 50 ml / 1,6 oz. This burner is the perfect way to perfume your home with essential oils while adding sweet peaceful elegance to any room. Simply place a candle in the candle holder, fill the water, then drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the water. Use more drops for a stronger fragrance. Treat yourself to relaxing aroma therapy to relieve tension or use it as a decorative design piece in your living room or SPA-themed bathroom.