Our Story

Friends and business partners, Morgan Ashley and Vanessa have fused their separate ventures to create Souk Bō’hēmian + Nōmad. Both spaces are a part of The Bō’hēmian Brands company.

Souk Bō’hēmian: Our passion is to introduce our global inspirations to our local community. With an intentional moody yet minimal palette, we connect with artisans at home and abroad to curate aspirational ready-to-wear pieces, home goods, and small-batch accessories for every detail of your life. Wander into the shoppe and immerse yourself into a full sensory experience.  

Nōmad: A deeper exploration of self from Souk Bohemian. Focused on more genderless shapes and palettes, these pieces help elevate your everyday aesthetic. Wander through our carefully curated selection of well-traveled objects with old souls. 

Black owned, Woman owned, and Queer owned shoppe inside Ponce City Market (Atlanta, GA).