Nuda Botanica Tea


Preparation: Steep 1 tablespoon with 8oz of hot water for 7+ minutes, remove and enjoy. Nuda Botanica is a woman owned company based in Brooklyn, NY.

Digestivo: Organic Dandelion root -Organic Ginger -Organic Peppermint -Organic Chamomile flowers -Organic Lemon peel -Organic Fennel seeds.

RestOrganic Chamomile Flower Organic Ashwagandha Root Organic Lemon Balm Organic California Poppy Organic Passion Flower Herb.

Rise: Organic Assam black tea Organic Rhodiola root Organic Eleuthero root Organic Orange peel Organic Cinnamon stick Organic Licorice root Organic Ginger root Organic Cacao nibs.

Revive: Organic Yerba Mate Organic Lemon Peel Organic Linden Leaf Organic Holy Basil Organic Peppermint Leaf.

Turmeric & Ginger: Organic turmeric root Organic ginger root Organic licorice Organic lemon verbena Organic orange peel Organic crushed black pepper.

Amore: Organic Rose Petals Organic Hibiscus Organic Damiana.

Chai: Organic Ginger Organic Cinnamon Organic Assam tea Organic Tulsi Basil Organic Cardamom Organic Cloves Organic Nutmeg

Chamomile: has a lovely sweet flavor evoking notes of honey, pear, and quince. Harvested in eastern Europe at peak season to ensure freshness. Naturally caffeine-free, it has a silky mouthfeel and brews a delicate, soothing floral herbal tea.