Art Heaux Sweatpants


Art Heaux (/ärt/ hō)


an individual who actively and consciously penetrates various artistic mediums.

intentionally engaging in what could be considered a "proverbial pass around," fluidly partaking in many artistic expressions without concern for restrictions, borders, or limitations. 

stroking their creative prowess…there is an eagerness ----- an openness ----- to engage with ARTin its rawest form.

 Confucius said it best... "It ain’t no fun, if the Heauxmies can’t have none."

Art Heaux is for ----  and in ---- every ---- body.

Art Heaux- our latest unisex sweat suit set made in Los Angeles. As part of our In-Haus collection, we look to local craftsmanship and a cultural movement that redefines the boundaries of comfort and style. The Art Heaux Sweatsuit pants are made in the USA from 100% U.S. grown cotton, ensuring durability and a super-soft texture. It's pre-washed for a no-shrink true fit and features a heavy 14 oz/yd2 fabric, allowing you to embrace the freedom of movement and individuality with our deliberately oversized silhouette. 

  • Made in LA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Pre-Washed for a No Shrink 
  • Heavy Weight 
  • Oversized Fit
  • Model Size: Medium Bottom