Origami Romper

By Souk Bohemian

$180.00 $250.00
This one size fits most romper is perfect for those looking for an easy to style piece. To be layered for the fall, winter, or summer.
Origami is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices. Myrah Penaloza has imagined the folding of the cinched sleeves on this piece to represent all the simple and clever ways we can all move through life.
Color: Tan
Models Height: 5'6
Material: 100% linen
Care: Hand wash cold with like colors. Hang dry.

About Myrah Penaloza:
This brand is about a wild untethered love of expression with the intention of being of service, to uplift, to unwind, to commune, and embrace your highest calling. For the owners and many of their employees, that highest calling is being a parent. That's why their entire team works from home. Instead of opening a factory or working with existing facilities, they set up decentralized production led by a mostly female team all working from their own homes. This way, everyone gets to spend more time with their families. They believe that increasing the joy in their team's life, increases the love and intention they pour into each piece they handcraft in Bali.