Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow

By Azul Bereber

$150.00 $200.00
Fascinated by the elegant simplicity of the Berber culture Azul Bereber (Anabel) lives between Morocco and Spain. Over the years she has been very fortunate to have nurtured beautiful connections with local women and small workshops in Morocco. She works closely with artisans for you to have the most special pieces and to build a stronger global community through support, creativity and inspiration.

Beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket pillow created from vintage wedding blankets handmade in Morocco. No two pillows are exactly the same, they are one of a kind pieces perfect for the bohemian modern home.

The history of wedding blankets dates back to antiquity in Atlas Mountains where this blankets were worn by the bride on her wedding day. Handiras were made by female relatives during the weeks prior to the wedding day to share their fears and confidences. Thousands of sequins were hand sewn in such a tender and intimate atmosphere. Handiras are also a symbol of happiness, fertility and protection against the evil.

MATERIAL: natural wool, cotton and sequins
COLOR: white
SIZE: 95x40 cm, 37x16 inches
CARE: dry clean or set the washing machine to wash and rinse on cold water

*Pillows do not come with inserts