Bō'hēmian Tea Blend

By Souk Bohemian

$11.00 $18.00

Our goal of connecting creatives created a sweet partnership with Atlanta based tea shop, Just Add Honey. Based in the iconic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood Just Add Honey has been curating flavorful teas to fit all taste buds since 2006. Owner Brandi helped us create a blend of spearmint, sencha, rosehips, orange peel, and lemongrass. Whether you are an avid tea drinker or this is your first cup, our custom Bō'hēmian Blend will be your new favorite.

- All natural green tea blend
- Light caffeine
- 4 oz. glass jar
- Each ounce renders about 7-10 servings
- Suggested steeping time is 3 minutes
- Store in a cool dry place for a shelf life of about 12-18 months

Loose leaves go inside of tea bag to render one cup of tea per bag. *Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not offering tea bags at this time.